Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Contest

So...AnnaGrace volunteered good ole' mom to make a pumpkin for the class to put in the Boynton Pumpkin contest. She sprung this on me when I picked her up from school on Tuesday. She gave me a sad story about the class only getting one pumpkin turned in and the class laughed at it. She said she felt sorry for the little boy so she said she would bring one. Well, the deadline was the next day. Tuesdays are Girl Scout night and Clint goes to visitation at church...but, I felt sorry for her so we started making it about 8:30 Tuesday night. We...or I finished it around midnight that night. We were rather proud of our work. :) When I picked her up from school on Wednesday she informed me that our pumpkin was voted to be in the contest. I thought there was just one so I said how many were there? Well, nine other kids brought pumpkins in that day because they also felt sorry for the sad pumpkin that was there the day before! *SIGH* I also found out that we don't get it back unless we win it in an auction...WHAT?? So, of course I had to bid on it at the Fall Festival on Saturday because we put lots of hard work into it! What am I going to do with these girls??

Josie has a pumpkin contest on Tuesday and so we will make another pumpkin tomorrow...isn't life with kids grand!

Here is a picture of our hard work...

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