Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another school year comes to an end...

This years award's day were very bittersweet for me. As far as we know, the girls will be switching to Catoosa County Schools next year and they will not be going to Dug Gap with me. I have been so blessed to be able to take them to school with me everyday. We have decided that next year is a good time to go ahead and make the switch so that Anna Grace can make friends in fifth grade before beginning middle school. Needless to say, I cried through both award's days and I am getting a little teary eyed right now thinking about it. I am going to miss them so much!! Thank goodness, Clint will be just down the road if they need anything next year.

Brinlee had a wonderful year in second grade. She made good grades all year! Mrs. Lowery, her first grade teacher, moved up to second grade so Brinlee had her for two years in a row. We are really going to miss her. She has been great for Brinlee. Mrs. Lowery called Brinlee her little parapro. For those of you who know Brinlee know that she doesn't mind taking control or being the center of attention. Next year, she will be a big third grader!

Anna Grace finished up her fourth grade year. We are so proud of the beautiful young lady she is becoming. According to her teachers, she is the model student and always brings home a perfect report card! Mrs. Wilson was also her teacher in first grade and she was a blessing to our family and to Anna Grace. She is going to be in fifth grade and I can't believe it! It kills me that she is growing so fast.

Running my mouth as usual, but this is the only picture I had with the parents! :)