Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 12th Anniversary

On August 1st, Clint and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary. I know, I can't believe it has been that long either! Plus, we are not old enough to have been married 12 years! I am so blessed to have Clint and we three beautiful girls! God is good!

I had a gold party Friday night. If you have never heard of this, it is where guests bring gold, sale it, and walk away with cash. I got paid just for hosting it! I made over $200! Clint and I decided to take that money and celebrate our anniversary. Saturday night, we went to eat at Fogo de Chao in Buckhead (where we ate WAY TOO MUCH!) followed by a Braves game. They won 3-0! It was a fun-filled night!

Fogo de Chao


Update on Pre-K

Well, it looks like mom won't be the only Dug Gap Bear this year! Josie was drawn for Dug Gap's PreK today!! It is an answered prayer! When she didn't get drawn last year, I was so upset because I knew none of the girls would be with me and I would have a lonely drive back and forth to school. Well...NOT ANYMORE!! Josie is so excited...we all are...including her teacher Mrs. Bethina! Bethina is one of my closest friends. I just completed my Ed.S degree with her and we have taught Kindergarten together. I know that she will take care of our baby girl!

Back to School Time...BOO!!

The girls started school last Thursday. This is the first year that they will be attending Catoosa County Schools. It was a tough decision, but one that we know will be best for them in the long-run. Mommy was a little teary eyed when we left them. Here are a few pictures that we took with Clint's phone. I wanted to get official first day of school pics, but we sat in first day of school traffic for so long we just got to snap a couple of shots. The girls were not upset about that. They wouldn't even let me walk them in on the second day. SO SAD!!!

AnnaGrace wouldn't even look up at the camera. I don't really blame her considering that she was probably the only 5th grader whose mom and dad both walked her in. :)

Brinlee is always ready to smile!

Josie started Applebrook Pre-K. She is enjoying school, but NOT enjoying the boys. She told me that she does not like boys and she is not playing with them. I told her that sounded like a great deal!

Big girl walking into big girl school :)

Ready to go in with her teacher gifts

Pigeon Forge Getaway

We took a short trip to Pigeon Forge since we didn't take a big family vacation this year. We got to stay at Uncle Clay's place that has all kinds of pools and waterslides. The girls love it! We also met up with the Cass Family while we were there. I work with Beth and they are a fun family to hang out with!

We had fun with the Cass Family at Wonderworks Hoot and Holler Dinner Show. We laughed so much while we ate a delicious meal!

The Cass Six

The Benson Five

The Loud and Crazy Eleven