Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Hampton!

Yesterday, we celebrated Hampton's 2nd birthday at the Chattanooga Zoo. It is so hard to believe that he and Griffin are already 2 years old! Here are a few pictures that we took at the party.

Happy Birthday to Hampton!

Keaton was brave enough to hold the snake...YUCK!

Ready to go on the tour...


Josie :)

PaPaw and Hampton...

Mom, Dad, and Josie...

Anna Grace and Brinlee- not happy about posing with the statue...

Lake Winnie

MiMi and PaPaw took all the kids on a trip to Lake Winnie before the end of the summer. We haven't been in a couple of years so the girls were excited to get to ride on the fun rides they have there. Anna Grace and Brinlee got brave and started riding some of the "bigger" rides on this trip. It took Josie a while to warm up...she told me that she was "too big" to ride. :) She finally got on the carousel and after that there was not stopping her. Thank you MiMi and PaPaw for a fun family afternoon.

MiMi and PaPaw and all the grandkids, except Tanner...

The Benson Girls in the Tiger Girls shirts that Daddy (Clint)bought for us...he informed us that these will be our new "gameday shirts". He did a great job! They are very girly and cute! Thanks Daddy!!

Back of the shirt...

Keaton and Anna Grace on the ferris wheel...

All Aboard!

Get off the road!!

Ready to go!

Me, Kim, and Mandy...sweaty and tired from chasing kids around!

Me and the girls on the swings...Just a Swingin! I found out that you're never to old for Lake Winnie!


For the past couple of weeks, Anna Grace and Brinlee have been taking swimming lessons through Swim America. Coach Todd and his workers have done a great job at teaching the girls swimming. Anna Grace has learned to do all kinds of stuff beyond regular swimming and Brinlee can finally swim. She was scared to go under water before we started.

Here is a picture of Anna Grace swimming a lap in the pool.

Brinlee learning to streamline...Coach Todd is an Alabama fan so he liked to dunk Brinlee under for being an Auburn fan. :)

Josie was not happy because she was not big enough to get in the water. She kept saying to me that she wanted to be taller so she could be big like Anna Grace and Brinlee. She will be old enough next year to get in.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Tonight when we came in from church, we saw a beautiful rainbow. We were able to see both sides of it. We talked about how pretty all of the colors were in the rainbow. It is when you see things like this that you realize how awesome God is!

The first one isn't a very good picture of the girls, but you can see more of the rainbow.

Take 2...

Pigeon Forge Weekend

This weekend we took the girls to Pigeon Forge for a couple of days. We had fun playing in the pools, eating, shopping, and riding go-carts. It was a nice family getaway. Thank you Uncle Clay for letting us stay at your place!

We hate at the Flying Horse Friday night and while we were waiting for out table, we got a free ride on the carousel.

The girls always like to ride go-carts when we are there. This time Brinlee and Anna Grace were able to ride the bigger ones by themselves. Brinlee zipped around the track and laughed loudly for everyone to hear the whole time. AnnaGrace poked around it like a grandma being very careful and cautious...because she said she didn't want to wreck. It's funny how they are so different. :)

While we are waiting on AnnaGrace and Brinlee to have their turn...

Our little race car drivers...

Daddy and Josie watching the big race...

Josie's turn...

AnnaGrace and Brinlee wanted to ride this ride that goes up in the air and then drops up and down. Josie got on it with them and let's just say, it wasn't her favorite. Look at her face in this picture.

Of course I had to get some family pics before we left...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who said I couldn't cook??

This post is for my mom, the best cook around! Seriously, ask anybody that knows her. She gave me some fresh vegetables from their garden the other day and I could tell from the tone in her voice and the look in her eyes that she doubted my ability to cook them. Not to mention, that she has called me everyday since asking me about them. On that same day, she took me to the grocery store to help me pick out meat to buy. I may be in my thirties, but you are never too old to learn how to buy groceries...I guess!
Well, tonight I attempted to make fresh fried okra for the first time in my life and look at it! It looked and tasted just like MiMi's. See Mom, there is hope for me yet! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Family Pic

This is a picture that one of Clint's cousins posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. We have gotten a few laughs out of this! That is Clint in the lower left hand corner making a silly face. His brother, Clay, is next to him in the red shirt. They were cutie pies even at a young age. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

This is just a few pictures we took today...nothing special. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls Trip to Nashville

The Benson girls were invited to Nashville for a couple of nights by my sister, Carrie and her husband Brian. Brian was doing work up there so we took advantage and joined them for a couple of nights. My sister, Mandy, and her son, Hampton, rode up with us. We had so much fun visiting a water park, eating at Hard Rock Cafe, and on Wednesday we celebrated Keaton's 11th birthday at Rainforest Cafe. Spending time with family is always fun. Thank you McCutchens for the invite!

We all had so much fun going down the water slides!

Here is a picture of all the kids.

Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville

Outside Hard Rock Cafe...across the river is the Tennessee Titans Stadium, which you can't see. :)

Cousins :)

We celebrated Keaton's 11th Birthday at the Rainforest Cafe

Some snapshots of the girls...
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