Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun with Friends at the NKOTB concert!

New Kids on the Block was my favorite band ever back in middle school days. I went to see them in concert in sixth grade. I got to go with some of my best friends to see NKOTB in Nashville last night. We had so much fun catching up and laughing. Here is a picture of the group that went.

And some pictures from the night...
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brinlee Turns Seven!!

I cannot believe it. Brinlee turned seven years old on March 1st. It seems like just yesterday this beautiful, little (well, maybe not little...she was over 10 lbs!) baby was born! She insisted this year that she was going to have a slumber party. AnnaGrace has had a couple of these and Brinlee sometimes get left out so she wanted to do the same to AnnaGrace. Well, AG got smart and spent the night with MiMi instead so that is why you will not see her in the pictures. She had a couple of friends from church come over for the night. We had fun eating pizza and cake, getting pedicures, and singing Disney karaoke. They had so much fun. Josie had fun pretending that she was just as big as them. It was a fun night! But, any of you that know Brinlee know that she is going to have a blast no matter what is going on. :)

Sunday, March 1st, was Brinlee's actual birthday. We had a Sunday dinner planned at PaPaw and MiMi's house to celebrate Brinlee, MiMi, and Uncle Brian's birthday. Unexpectedly, Aunt Carol, my dad's sister, had a brain aneurysm that morning and had been taken to the hospital. Several of the family members were at the hospital, but I went on to mom's to celebrate with Brinlee on her birthday. She went ahead and opened her presents from MiMi and PaPaw and MiMi had made her a High School Musical cake, which was delicious. I have posted a collage of the party at MiMi's. If you look closely, you will see Uncle Brian and Clint over in the kitchen helping to get lunch ready for the kids. Sadly, Aunt Carol passed away late Sunday night. She was a wonderful, godly woman and she will be missed.

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